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Police Clearance Certificate

The Police Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by a police authority or a designated authority to enumerate that the person he/ she will take part in any criminal offense. The PCC is an important pillar in international communication. A Police Clearance Certificate is issued to a person in a foreign country who stays there as a residence in that particular country. It has so many synonyms like good conduct certificate, good standing certificate, and judicial record extracts. The main aim of police clearance certificates is to check if he/she has any criminal records like arrest, conviction, court proceedings and other legal issues.

Police clearance certificate is required mainly for the following purposes:
• To obtain employment purposes
• To engage in business abroad
• For migration purposes
• For higher study purposes
• For obtaining residence visa

If a person plans to go to a foreign country for that, he has to submit a Police clearance certificate issued from the country where he/she stayed in the last years. It is a significant document that helps the destination country maintain national security and peace. It is an essential document that gives information regarding the immigrant that the person may or may not be harmful to the country. Reputed police authority is responsible for issuing this authenticate document. Before issuing this certification, the issuing authority will collect all required information regarding the applicant’s past activities. If we got a Police clearance certificate we can easily relocate to another country and it is not necessary for people who are going in visiting visa. Police clearance certificate helps ensure that the person is not harmful to individuals and state or country. This certification is given by the police authorities or government departments and is used to prevent individuals who pose a risk to a country’s security. A police clearance certificate has a certain period of validity and varies for each country.

Police clearance certificate is a document issued to passport holder for getting residence visa, employment visa, permanent visa etc. in foreign countries. Police clearance certificate is given by the police to show the background of the individual .The certificate is given to prove that the individual does not have any criminal record. The act of legalising the police clearance certificate is termed as PCC attestation. Foreign countries need PCC to make sure that their country is safe after letting the individual to the country.
A criminal record is a police record of the individual’s criminal history. Criminal history includes his traffic misdeed, arrest warrants, or any other criminal offences. Police clearance certificate attestation is necessary for people who wish to move to foreign countries in search of jobs and higher education.
  • Original certificate (certificate depends upon the purpose of your migration)
  • Passport copy
The police clearance certificate attestation is done with the seal or signature on the certificate. The signature on the certificate signifies that the document is proved genuine by the respective authority. It is necessary to prove that the person is not harmful to the country which he is migrating. A police clearance certificate depends on the activities of the individual in the past. It is difficult for individuals to get a police clearance certificate attestation if he has done any crime in the past. The police authorities should feel that the person does not have any criminal record in his name.
  • Migration.
  • For getting work permit in a foreign country..
  • Residence visa.
  • For Higher education.
  • Getting a Dependent visa etc.
PCC attestation is done to prove your certificate is real and authentic before the foreign government. The name used for police clearance certificates is different in different countries. The certificate also helps to know the character of the individual whether he is a good or bad citizen.
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