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Diploma certificate is an educational document which is acquired by a person after completing a particular educational course. Normally, diplomas are job oriented courses available for ambitious people. Diploma certificate attestation is the process of authenticating diploma certificate for international purposes. The certificate is an educational accreditation which is attained after completing the diploma successfully. Students can acquire the diploma certificate from the concerned educational institute, university, organization, school etc. The diploma certificate combines information related to the diploma, such as name of the course, obtained marks and grades, the name of the institution or college, year of study etc. It is not possible to use the diploma certificate globally without being verified, so basically the procedure for verifying the diploma certificate is called the diploma certificate attestation. Diploma certificate has a major role in building up career if an individual.

Documents for diploma certificate attestation:

  • Original diploma certificate.
  • Passport copy of the applicant.

Procedures for diploma certificate attestation:

  • It is necessary to attain higher education from a foreign university.
  • It is used while employment to show the qualification of the individual.
  • Important for migration purposes.
  • To attain visa for the destination country.
  • For attending exam or interview abroad.

Diploma certificate attestation is important for getting higher education or work permit in foreign countries. Attestation will help to make the diploma certificate more noticeable in the goal nation. Diploma certificate attestation helps the destination country in finding the value of the certificate of an immigrant.

Procedures of diploma certificate attestation:

  • SDM (sub-divisional magistrate)/ HRD (human resource development) attestation.
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs) attestation.
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs) attestation.

The documents are undergone attestation from the above mentioned authorities. Seal and sign are added on to the documents for verifying it, by the concerned authorities. Strict verification is done before granting attestation to the document. The documents have to be original for doing attestation procedures. Required documents have to be submitted by the applicant without any fail.

Diploma certificate attestation is necessary to meet international needs. Diploma certificate attestation helps to complete international matters more easily and quick. People attain this verification of diploma certificate attestation for both personnel and professional needs. Diploma certificate attestation is a sub-category of certificate attestation which comes under education certificate attestation. After doing the attestation, the certificate is accessible in foreign countries. Through diploma certificate attestation, the certificate is considered progressively real and valid in the destination country. Diploma certificate attestation helps many individual to achieve their goals internationally.

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