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SSLC is a shortening term of the Secondary School Leaving Certificate, and in India, it is the first and the basic qualification of each Indian. In India, nationals can acquire an SSLC certificate after passing the tenth board test, which is basic for higher studies. SSLC certificate has incredible esteem in India, as well as in the global field. But before using the certificate internationally, the person has to do the verification procedure. The strategy is widely acclaimed as SSLC certificate attestation. Attestation will increase the credibility of the certificate. By attestation, your SSLC certificate turns out to be legitimately validated wherever in the specific goal nation. All legitimate data identified with the tenth class study will appear in the SSLC certificate, for example, name, age, religion, address, denotes that acquired name of the school, year of study, and so forth.

Documents required for SSLC certificate attestation:

  • Original certificate.
  • Passport copy of the applicant.

Both of these prerequisites are required in applying all international haven attestations. SSLC certificate attestation is one among educational certificate attestations.

Reasons for acquiring SSLC certificate attestation are mentioned below:

  • For higher studies.
  • For visa purposes.
  • For migration.
  • For acquiring job opportunities.

Those as mentioned above are the main purposes of SSLC certificate attestation. A seal and signature from the concerned authorities are added to the documents. Attestation of certificates is obligatory when it comes to international traveling. SSLC certificate attestation is required only for Indian citizens. SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) is the first qualification of every Indian citizen. It is granted to students at the end of the 10th class, and the person who passes the 10th board exam is eligible for getting this certificate. The certificate contains academic information and personal details regarding the certificate holder, such as religion and caste, parents' name, identification marks, home address, date of birth, etc. Attestation of an SSLC certificate is an essential need required for every Indian citizen planning for an overseas journey.

Procedures of SSLC certificate attestation:

The legalization of documents makes the entry of immigrants to the destination country easier. SSLC certificate attestation is needed in many international fields and helps immigrants catch their opportunities. It will assist the destination officials in finding fake SSLC certificates.

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