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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an organization of seven states and it is one of the most liberal nations in the Gulf. UAE PCC is issued by UAE government to an individual who has remained in UAE over two years with a home visa. PCC stands for police clearance certificate. UAE Police clearance certificate is an authoritative report issued by the UAE government to specify that the candidate has not perpetrated any unlawful offense or unsafe wrongdoing against individual as well as against national intrigue. In order to attain a UAE PCC the applicant has to submit few documents.

Documents required for UAE PCC:

  • Emirates ID.
  • 2 Passport size photo.
  • Passport copy of the first entry and last exit.

The person who is applying for UAE PCC should specify the duration of stay in UAE. Before giving UAE PCC the UAE police authority will check all of the past activities of the person to guarantee that the candidate haven’t participated in any criminal operations that prompted the inclusion of the UAE police power. At the hour of investigation, if the police authority found that the candidate has any unlawful foundations like arrest, conviction, court methods, they would not issue UAE Police clearance certificate to the candidate. Benefits of UAE police clearance certificate:

  • PCC is a way to understand the character or conduct of the migrant.
  • PCC helps the officials in preventing the migrating of harmful individuals.
  • Attaining PCC helps the migrant to get done the immigration procedures easily.
  • The main aim of PCC is to control illegal activities and protect the country.

For individuals below the age of 18 doesn’t need to attain a UAE PCC if he/she wants to travel to foreign countries. The UAE police authority is responsible for UAE PCC. Police clearance certificate has great importance in international affairs. It plays an integral part in international travelling. UAE PCC is a personal document containing the past activities of an individual in the specified country. The Police Clearance Certificate varies depending country by its form, content, legal verifications etc. Validity of the police clearance certificate depends on the issuing country. UAE PCC has a significant value in every country. In the past years, police clearance certificate started being accepted world widely. In coming years the value of PCC might increase further internationally.

The United Arab Emirates is home to a wealthy cultural historical past that has been strongly inspired by using its particular surroundings. The emirate has varied terrain, desert, beaches, oasis, which has influenced the lifestyle of people in UAE. UAE government offers a police rationalization to its residents and immigrants who are making plans to relocate overseas for fulfilling their different needs.
A Police clearance certificate is used to show any criminal records that the applicant has committed in the past. It is only given to individuals who have not committed any crime.
Documents necessary for UAE pcc:
  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • Passport size Photo
UAE pcc is a legal document which is used to show that the character of an individual.
Important purposes for getting a UAE Police Clearance Certificate:
  • Migration to another country from UAE.
  • It is also necessary for family visa.
  • To start a new business in a foreign country for a person moving from UAE.
It is difficult for individuals who has done to get a UAE pcc and is only issued to individuals who the UAE government feels less harmful.
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