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legal translation of documents

Legal Translation Of Documents

The term ‘Legal translation’ refers to a legal rendering process, in which an official document will translate into another country’s official language. In most countries, the rendering process has been done by a specialized legal translator. This is a remedial solution for the language barrier. The legal translation process can be done in every kind of personal and professional documents.

Documents applicable for legal translation are

  • Educational documents
  • Non-educational documents
  • Commercial Documents

Legal translation helps destination country’s authorities in understanding the content of the document easily. For example, English is an official language, but in GCC countries English is not the official language so the certificate holder should translate the document into the official language of GCC countries (Arabic). It is not a necessary procedure, but now it is prevalent in some of the countries. The original document is the one and only requirement to apply a legal translation. In this translation, the source language document will be translated into the target language.

Legal Translation process may occur at 2 points.

  • Country Of Origin.
  • Intended Country.

Country of Origin:-

In case the documents are not in English. Firstly the document has to be legally translated into English. Only after getting the translation the document can be attested.

Intended Country:–

In Gulf countries, English is not the official language and they use the Arabic language for official matters. So the applicant should translate the certificate into Arabic before submitting for an attestation process. This is usually not the norm but is prevalent in Abu Dhabi & Kuwait.

Legal translation is an act of translation within the field of law. As the law is a culture-dependent subject field, it is not a simple task. Only professional translators specialized in legal translation should translate legal documents and scholarly writings. Only professional translators specialized in legal translation should translate legal documents and scholarly writings. It is an integral part of international communication. We should attest those documents before the translation. It is applicable for all types of documents The miss-translation of a passage in a contract, for example, could lead to lawsuit and loss of money. We are one of the certified legal translators in this field and will help you till the end of your translation process. For further information contact our customer care executives.

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