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Saudi is an alliance of seven states and it is one of the most liberal nations in the Gulf. PCC is otherwise known as police clearance certificate. Saudi police clearance certificate is issued by Saudi government to an individual who has remained in Saudi over two years with a resident visa. Saudi Police clearance certificate is an authoritative document issued by the Saudi government to specify that the candidate has not carry out any unlawful offense or destructive wrongdoing against individual as well as against national intrigue. To get a Saudi PCC, the candidate should submit all the required documents at the concerned office.

Documents required applying for Saudi PCC:

  • Saudi ID.
  • 2 Passport Size photograph.
  • Passport copy of first entry and last exit.

An individual who applies for a Saudi PCC should make mention the time of stay in the country. Before giving Saudi PCC the concerned police authority will check all past the activities to guarantee that the candidate won't partakes in any criminal operations that prompted the contribution of the Saudi police power. At the hour of investigation, if the police specialists found that candidate has any unlawful foundations like capture, conviction, court systems, they would not concede this Saudi PCC to the candidate.

What are the advantages of a Saudi PCC?

  • PCC is an approach to comprehend the character or lead of the immigrant.
  • By utilizing PCC the authorities can represent the migration of harmful people.
  • PCC will help individual to effectively move into their specific goal nation.
  • The focal goal of mentioning PCC by other outside countries is to shield their country from unlawful activities.

Individuals beneath the age of 18 need not have to attain Saudi PCC. In Saudi, assigned police specialists/officers are in charge of issuing Saudi PCC. Saudi PCC is a significant part in universal correspondences. It is a basic piece of international affairs. Saudi Police clearance certificate is an individual report which contains all our past activities. The Police Clearance Certificate isn't same in each nation and it’s different from nation to nation, by structure, content, legitimate checks, etc. The legitimacy of a police clearance certificate will rely on the issuing nation. Saudi PCC has a noteworthy effect in international migrating.

Saudi Arabia is located in the south-western corner of Asia. Saudi Arabia is oil rich and is strictly an Islamic state. A number of individuals move from Saudi Arabia to different parts of the country. Saudi PCC is necessary for people moving from Saudi to other countries for different purposes.PCC or good conduct certificate is an essential document for migrants.
Police clearance certificate is an official document issued by the police or the government agency showing the criminal records of an individual. When a person needs to migrate from Saudi to any foreign countries he should get PCC from Saudi as a part of visa process.
  • IQAMA copy
  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Visa copy
  • Saudi PCC is used for migration.
  • For getting visa.
  • For getting work permit.
  • For starting a new branch for your business etc.
Saudi PCC is a document from the Saudi government stating that the individual does not have any criminal background. Only if a person does not have criminal records he will get Saudi pcc easily. There are chances that a criminal’s PCC request can get rejected. You may require a Saudi PCC for getting hired abroad or for any other reason.
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