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Transfer certificate Apostille is one of the mostly required procedures of verification in educational fields internationally. For example, if you want to attain education from any of the Hague convention countries, you need to have a verified transfer certificate from your previous school. Transfer certificate Apostille is a necessary process need to be completed to be eligible to enter into Hague convention countries. Transfer certificate is considered as a formal document which is provided by educational institution as in school or colleges to their students when they leave the institution. This certificate is given as a proof that the individual has completed education from that specified college or school. Transfer certificate is also known as good conduct certificate, character certificate, TC, and so on. Transfer certificate is an important official document of a student.

Details included in transfer certificate are:

  • Name of the student.
  • Admission number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Date of leaving.
  • Subject or class studied.
  • Board of examination.
  • Reason for leaving.
  • Character and conduct.
  • Recognition of the Principal.

Apostille is the process of verification required when a person is traveling to Hague convention countries. The procedure is strictly followed by every Hague convention countries. Transfer certificate Apostille has to be done then the transfer certificate will be verified for it to be used in the destination countries. Through Transfer certificate Apostille the immigrant will be eligible to prove the authenticity of the documents in the Hague convention countries. Most commonly transfer certificate Apostille is done by immigrating students to attain international level of education. Verified transfer certificate is required for joining in any international school or college. Apostille helps to make your documents more genuine and valid in the Hague convention countries. Verification of transfer certificate with Apostille is mandatory for admission purposes in the destination countries.

Two vital procedures required for transfer certificate Apostille are given below:

  • SDM (sub-divisional magistrate).
  • Apostille.

This will help the certificate holder to show out their capability, as in academic vise. The documents become acceptable in destination country after doing transfer certificate Apostille. Transfer certificate Apostille is completed by doing Apostille stamping on the backside of the documents. The main aim behind transfer certificate Apostille is admission purposes in any country which is a member of Hague convention. Admission process becomes easier after the submission of the verified transfer certificate. Apostille stamp is the important steal which approves that the document is verified. If you are looking for an Apostille to be done, you can approach us and we will satisfy you with our services, also without any legal complications. We have branches inside and outside India. We are best for the fast and easy service. Our working assures you with best quality service.

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