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WES Verification

World Education Service - WES – is a organization located in United States and Canada, founded in 1974. This organization evaluating the international educational qualification of international students or skilled immigrants.

ow given purposes

  • Create an account : Click here
  • Login to the account. Now you can see the tabs: Personal info, Your Education, Your Evaluation etc.. On the Education tab, enter the university details and click on the “I have reviewed the required documents for this credential, and agree to submit my documents as required by WES.”
  • On the next page, select the type of evaluation you want. You need to select course by course evaluation
  • On the same page, Turnaround time will be selected by the system automatically. Same day services was not available, it will take three business days.
  • Then add institutional name and select “Educational Institution.”
  • You can add your institution details, UG, PG etc..

Documents required –

  • WES needs transcripts from the university or Autonomous College which should be enclosed in a sealed and signed envelope. It doesn’t accept transcripts from individual colleges.
  • Depends upon your University / Autonomous College, procedure for applying transcript will be differing.
  • University / college attest and give you Degree, Every Semester Mark sheet, Consolidation Mark sheet and WES Form.
  • Requirements will be differing depends upon University / Autonomous College. Usually they ask Degree, Every Semester Mark sheet, Consolidation Mark sheet. TC, SSLC, HSC, Provisional Certificate. Depends upon requirements you have to submit / show original / copy for attestation.

Note: You have to fill and give your details in the Application form in necessary column; then they acknowledge and fill rest of the details.

Genius Attestation Services doing the service of getting the genuineness verification attestation from University / Autonomous College for WES in a sealed envelop of the concerned university. We are providing this service for kerala, Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states.

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