What are the process and procedures to get the Kuwait PCC?

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What is Police Clearance Certificate?

A police clearance certificate is a confirmation issued by the country of origin, in which a designated police specialist in the country of origin issues a police clearance certificate with their official seal or signature. The principle of this evidence is to declare that he has no criminal record, such as arrest, conviction or court proceedings.Simply put, the Police Freedom Certificate is a passage confirmation to other external countries. Getting a PCC is very complicated if you have criminal records in the name of a person.

Procedure required to get Police Clearance Certificate Kuwait

The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a service provided by the government of Kuwait, which relates to an individual's application for a visa to visit or stay in another country. The Police Clearance Certificate declares that the candidate has never participated in any criminal activity leading to the involvement of the Kuwait Police Force and is also required when a person applies for a migration status to other countries. The applicant for a Police Clearance Certificate must specify the period of residence in Kuwait. The Kuwait government will use this document to show that the person has no illegal basis in Kuwait. In Kuwait, residents should approach the concerned police specialist to acquire a genuine Kuwait PCC.Before obtaining a police clearance certificate from Kuwait, some personal documents have to be submitted to the concerned office and department.

Mandatory Documents required for Kuwait PCC

  • Passport duplicate of first entry and last exit.
  • Visa Copy.
  • 2 Passport size photograph.

The police clearance certificate declares that there is no criminal background or illegal pastime of the candidate. The Kuwait government will provide the PCC to residents who have resided in Kuwait for at least two years. The Kuwait government must ensure that the person is not harmful and has no criminal background. This certificate will help the destination country to understand the nature of the person.This document is important when an expat from Kuwait receives a visa for any other foreign country. Kuwait PCCis not required for people applying for a visiting visa. If a person wants to go to a foreign country, he/she must obtain a police clearance certificate from Kuwait.

Some common requirements for obtaining Kuwait PCC are:

  • Residents of Kuwait who obtain PCC mainly for employment purposes.
  • This certification is also required during migration.
  • It is also required to obtain a Family Visa from the destination country.
  • It is also necessary to obtain an international education.
  • PCC is required to start a new business abroad.

These days, most foreign countries ask PCC to allow other people into their country. Kuwait PCC only requires ex-pats who want to settle in a foreign country. If we receive this certificate from Kuwait, it is easy for us to relocate to another country without much difficulty. This document facilitates your migration to another country. Before a Kuwait PCC is issued to a person, the government will ensure that that person is not part of any criminal activity and has been reported to the Kuwait government. Kuwait PCC is required for expats migration to various foreign countries.

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