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Apostille Services in Bangalore

Apostille Services in Bangalore

Apostille Attestation is a method for legalising the documents introduced by Hague Convention in 1961. It is obligatory for every individual to get Apostille Attestation on their certificate to use it in nations belonging to Hague Convention. Our Apostille services in Bangalore will help you to complete all the procedures required to get Apostille Attestation on your certificates. Genius Bangalore Apostille Attestation services can complete all the procedures of Apostille Attestation for all kinds of certificates.

Apostille services are the process of giving necessary documentation when a person is travelling to foreign countries. Apostille Attestation Services are only necessary if the applicant is travelling to a country coming under Hague convention. There are over 92 countries coming under Hague convention. Several authorities provide Apostille services to people who wants to travel to Hague convention countries. People travelling to Hague convention countries for any purpose will need Apostille services.
Different purposes for Apostille services:
  • Higher education and admission purposes, internationally.
  • For employment and job opportunities.
  • For resident visa.
  • For showing relationship status.
  • For taking family abroad.
  • For migration.
Original certificate and passport copy are necessary for Apostille services. These documents have to be stamped by SDM (sub-divisional magistrate) and MEA (ministry of external affairs). The documents need to be submitted to the concerned authority to complete Apostille services. Apostille services are process which should be done in order to make a person eligible to travel to any Hague convention countries. Once it is verified in one Hague convention country, then it is also accessible in other Hague convention countries. Apostille is a security measure done to prevent any illegal document issues in the future when a person is travelling to Hague convention countries.
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