We offer various kinds of document verification procedures not only in the national level but also in the international level. Our attestation services are very fast and quick as compared to other attestation providers. Online tracking facility is the key feature of our attestation services. We offer attestation services in reasonable and affordable cost and it is attraction of our services. Our attestation services are more credible and genuine and it is the main quality of our services. Some of the main services of our company are given below.

Genius Attestation Services

Attestation is referred to as an indispensable process in every international immigration process because nowadays every immigrant should prove their document’s authenticity before entering into another nation.

Apostille is very simple and easy form of international document verification procedure. Today, almost 92 countries use this Apostille stamping procedure to confirm the authenticity of foreign documents. And most of the Hague convention countries are from the western world.

Home Department is a meaningful and responsible ministry to protect the law and order of the country. Home department attestation will make every non-educational document suitable to submit for an international verification procedure

MEA Attestation is mentioned as the middle process of certificate verification. MEA attestation is one of the significant processes of attestation and which should be taken before the embassy attestation procedure.

Notarization is a legal activity fully handled by a Notary Public. Notarization included various kinds of acts like authentication, legal advice, statutory declarations, affirmations, power of attorney, and so on.

The term ‘Legal translation’ refers to a legal rendering process, in which an official document will translate into another country’s official language. In most countries, the rendering process has been done by a specialized legal translator.

Attestation done on a PCC is called as a PCC attestation. PCC Attestation is a certification issued by the home country to enable their residents for migrating into another nation and it will be used to certify that the person is good or bad.

Every individual ought to witness their required documents from the UAE embassy before he/she goes into any of the UAE emirate and the procedure is formally known as UAE attestation. Attestation taken on your certificate will legally authenticate your certificate in front of the UAE officials.

Qatar certificate attestation makes every required document authentic and genuine in front of the Qatar immigration officials. In certificate attestation process of Qatar, Qatar authority will mark their official seal or signature on the certificate to declare the authenticity of migrants’ documents.

Kuwait attestation is an essential procedure that every newcomer should face before entering in Kuwait. Through this procedure makes your certificate turns to be qualified everywhere in Kuwait.

Oman attestation is an indispensable process to understand that the information entered on the certificate true and accurate. This attestation process will add the credibility and reliability of the documents.

Saudi government use Saudi attestation process to find the authenticity of the expatriates’ documents and helps you to use the certificate everywhere in the Saudi. Saudi officials use this attestation process to find out that the applicant holds the original certificate.

WES verification is mandatory to migrate into these three countries US, Canada, and Australia. To get permanent resident status is the main aims of this WES verification. WES verification processes are fully online, so applicants can achieve it through WES website.