Salary certificate is a formal certificate issued by an organization to proclaim the employment of a person in the company with full details of salary, position, duties and employment period. Salary certificate will be provided only with the permission of higher authority of the organization to its employee upon request of the employee. The reason of getting a salary certificate mentioned in the document and the management approval will be also affixed in the document. But in most situations, it is very difficult use a salary certificate beyond the boundaries of certificate issuing nation, so first, candidates must affirm their salary certificate before using in an international and the procedure is usually known as a salary certificate attestation. According to the present international rules and regulations, each migrant labourer ought to submit a salary certificate from the past organization to earn a job position in foreign organization. Today, salary certificate attestation is mandatory in each abroad job field and each foreign organization requests past organization’s salary certificate as a proof of their work experience and salary. Salary certificate attestation will assist foreign officials to check the realness of the certificate through the web. The candidates can attest their certificate check from the concerned embassy, which situated in their nation. Attestation is an approach to demonstrate the reliability of the certificate and affirms that the specific salary certificate was issued and sealed from the referenced organization. Yet, it can’t simple to get a salary certificate attestation from the concerned embassy and some legitimate procedures has been required for this certification.      

Required processes for a salary certificate attestation are listed below.

  • SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
  • MEA attestation (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Concerned Embassy attestation

Candidates should finish all these previously mentioned processes to get their attestation in a legitimate way. Presently, this salary certificate attestation is acknowledged in all the international job sectors. But usually the validity of a salary certificate attestation may remain only for one year or less. The procedure of attestation is a vital technique used to check the legitimacy of a report in which the consulate officials will announce the believability of the record by joining it with their official seal or sign. The use of unattested salary certificate isn’t permitted in the foreign job fields. So in the event that you are waiting to earn a job position in abroad, you should check your salary certificate for acquiring an abroad job without other complications. After verifying your salary certificate through attestation processes your salary certificate will become ready to submit in the concerned authority. Meet personal or professional wants and needs are the principal objectives of this affirmation. Attestation process will increase the authenticity of your document. Salary certificate attestation is a significant subcategory of attestation. Salary Certificate attestation is a garden of opportunity and will bring new career opportunities to every talented and skilled immigrant. Certificate attestation is a serious legal requirement that we must do or face once in our life and will open your gateway to the destination country.