A death certificate is an imperative medical record issued by a government appointed doctor to affirm the decease of a person. A death certificate will contains all significant information in regards to the died individual like the name of the person, date of birth, date of death, place where the death happened, the reason for death, verification sign of the doctor, and so on. However, to make a death certificate lawfully affirm in another country the certificate holder should take a lawful affirmation from that nation’s embassy department. The procedure of confirming a death certificate is usually named as death certificate attestation. Death certificate attestation is one of the most significant categories of non-educational certificate.  

Required documents for applying a death certificate attestation are given below.

  • Original death certificate
  • Passport copy of the applicant

Death certificate attestation is a lawful affirmation procedure to guarantee that the individual mentioned in the death certificate isn’t alive. In common words, authentication is an indispensible procedure in which the department specialist will check the authenticity of the certificate. Death certificate attestation can be received by the died persons relatives or family members for getting a some financial needs which is directly connected to that died person. 

Reasons for getting a death certificate attestation are listed below.

  • To demonstrate that the individual isn’t alive
  • For insurance claim purposes
  • For property selling purposes

These above given reasons are the primary points of getting a death certificate attestation. To confirm a death certificate the department expert will append a seal or mark on the certificate. Confirmation process can be utilized to affirm that the predetermined death certificate has been given from the mentioned department and furthermore guarantee the sign or mark which affixed on the certificate is authentic. When you got an authentication for your certificate will become automatically valuable anywhere in the concerned destination nation. By confirmation you can demonstrate the believability of the certificate before the destination officials. So bear attestation to the required certificate before using international dealings. If your attestation has not been done in proper manner, you will definitely face consequences in your future dealings. Attestation process will keep the document more secure and safe in the particular destination country. Every certification has validity, but it will depend upon two essential factors, one is type of certificates and the other is issuing country. And the Candidates should finish all these related processes to get their attestation in a legitimate way. At the time of providing attestation, the responsible embassy officials will check and inspect the authenticity of the certificate and if they find that the document is fake or duplicate the concerned authority will take legal action against applicant. The term ‘certificate attestation’ is also world renowned as embassy attestation, because the process is fully controlled and handled by the embassy officials. In coming years, attestation will become a strict legal process whole over the world. The main objective behind the attestation process is proving the personal identity or details of the certificate holder.